AI-generated Family Guy is horribly offensive and already banned on Twitch

Dylan Horetski
AI Generated Family Guy Parody

A horribly offensive, AI-generated version of Family Guy has made its way to YouTube & Kick, though it’s already banned on Twitch.

Over the last few months, Artificial Intelligence has taken over the internet with various generative tools like Bing AI and Adobe Firefly.

We’ve also seen AI-generated versions of popular tv shows like Seinfeld and SpongeBob SquarePants pop up on streaming platforms.

The latest to join the fold is an AI parody of Family Guy, and it’s already banned on Twitch.

AI-generated Family Guy already banned on Twitch

Created on June 7, 2023, The AI_Peter Twitch channel was hit with a ban sometime during their broadcast on June 14 according to Twitchtracker.

When attempting to access the channel, it displays one of Twitch’s universal ban messages instead. “This channel is temporarily unavailable due to a violation of Twitch’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service,” it reads.

Twitch does not comment on account bans publicly, so the exact reason behind its removal is unknown.

We can safely say, however, that the parody Family Guy stream has been quite offensive since its launch with racist hate comments, potential bomb threats, doxxing, and more.

They also held a brief moment to announce that Brian the dog had passed away.

While the AI-generated parody show is banned on Twitch, the stream is also available on Kick and YouTube for the time being.

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