AI Seinfeld creator predicts all TV shows could air endlessly

AI Seinfeld could be TV FutureNothing, Forever

A new channel has popped up on Twitch that is a never-ending Seinfeld episode generated by AI, which could be the future of TV entertainment.

Some shows end too early in their lifespan, leaving fans itching for more. Others go on for so long that it feels like viewers spend years with the characters, developing a genuine interest in where they will go. 

However, at some point the show must end – either due to actors growing out of their roles or due to the wave of popularity coming to a close. 

After exploring a new project, one AI creator has developed a theory that could prevent the end of shows. In fact, using AI, options like sitcoms could potentially air indefinitely.

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AI Seinfeld creator thinks future of TV is AI generated

A new Twitch channel has been growing in popularity, with a unique setup that offers not only entertainment but a deeper look into what the future of TV could become.

Never Forever started streaming on December 14 2022 and has not gone offline once yet. The channel hosts an AI-generated show based on the four main characters of Seinfeld, Elaine, Jerry, George, and Kramer. 

In a recent interview with Vice, the creators talked about the future of TV with this technology. Skyler Hartle, one of the co-creators said: “As generative media gets better, we have this notion that at any point, you’re gonna be able to turn on the future equivalent of Netflix and watch a show perpetually, nonstop as much as you want. You don’t just have seven seasons of a show, you have seven hundred, or infinite seasons of a show that has fresh content whenever you want it. And so that became one of our grounding pillars.”

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Hartle goes on to say, “Our grounding principle was, can we create a show that can generate entertaining content forever? Because that’s truly where we see the future emerging towards. Our goal with the next iterations or next shows that we release is to actually trade a show that is like Netflix-level quality.” 

All of these things considered, it seems believable that one day, AI will be so fluent in conversations and generated images that there will be a show which truly never ends. As with each scene in Never Forever, the AI gets a bit smarter and more fleshed as time passes, indicating it could someday dominate television.

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