AGDQ forces top speedrunner to change explicit name

Awesome Games Done Quick required Fallout speedrunner and streamer “tomatoanus” to change his name in order to participate in their latest event.

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AGDQ is one of Games Done Quick’s flagship events, along with Summer Games Done Quick – which are held to raise money for several different charities each year.

Tomatoanus explained on Twitter that his submissions were still accepted, but he had to alter his name in order to compete on stream at the annual speedrunning event.

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The speedrunner formerly known as tomatoanus

In order to compete at AGDQ 2020, tomatoanus changed his name to “tomatoangus” after he found his submissions weren’t publically viewable, but said he understood why GDQ required the change.

“This is obviously because they’re a professional organization representing a charity, which I understand and accept,” tomato wrote in a doc on Twitter. “I wanted to share my experience with GDQ and show their communication isn’t strictly bad.”

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Tomato may have changed his name for the event, but the speedrunner said he didn’t intend to change it on Twitch or anywhere outside of GDQ.

“They still wouldn’t be able to display my submissions if I was linking my Twitch to my account since I’m still ‘tomatoanus’ on there. This is because they typically display the runner’s Twitch channel name on stream as well,” he explained. “I accepted this and understand their position, so for the next event I unlinked my Twitch from my GDQ account and submitted under ‘tomatoangus.’”

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The streamer went on to clarify that he didn’t think his name prevented his submissions from being accepted, just from being made public.

“Some people think that me changing the username I submitted with was the limiting factor in a run of mine getting accepted,” Tomato wrote. “Which I don’t believe to be true.”

“There have been a couple other runners in the past who have been accepted with suspect usernames,” he continued. “And they’ve been asked to run with a different name at the event.”