Amouranth challenges Adriana Chechik to boxing match after on-stream callout

Adriana Chehik AmouranthTwitch: Adrianachechik_, Twitter: Amouranth

Twitch star Amouranth has officially challenged fellow streamer Adriana Chechik to a boxing match after Chechik insulted her during a previous broadcast.

Amouranth is one of the most prominent female streamers on Twitch, where she boasts over 6 million followers.

As such, she often communicates and collaborates with other broadcasters — a most recent example of which is her hosting interviews at the Creator Clash 2 boxing event earlier this month.

However, it seems that not everyone is a fan of her. On April 27, fellow streamer and model Adriana Chechik hit out at Amouranth in a pointed spiel during a livestream, where she claimed she “has no respect” for the hot tub star.

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“Im gonna be honest with you, and this is calling her out,” Chechik said. “Amouranth’s probably going to be a f*cking c**t because she loves being a b*tch in real life. But other hot tub streamers are going to be nice.”

Chechik went on to claim that Amouranth had a poor attitude in the few interactions they’ve had and called the streamer a “clout-chasing dumb*ss.”

Amouranth challenges Adriana Chechik to boxing match

Amouranth took notice of Chechik’s callout and issued a challenge of her own. The streamer posted a series of comments underneath a YouTube video showing Twitch star xQc’s reaction to the drama, where she publicly challenged Chechik to a boxing match.

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“I literally have never had a bad interaction with her lol,” she wrote. “She always plays nice when asking for invites to stuff — I didn’t speak to her at AVN cause I didn’t see her lol.”

“I’ll say it here first: I’ll challenge her in the ring, catch me outside, how about that?”

Amouranth calls out Adriana ChechikYouTube: Amouranth

This isn’t Amouranth’s first foray into the boxing ring; in fact, the streamer is set to make her boxing debut at Spanish streaming star Ibai Llanos’ La Velada del Año 3 event this summer.

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Chechik has since responded in a string of tweets saying that Amouranth is “mean to everyone” and said that calling her out to a ring match is in poor taste due to her still recovering from a crippling back injury she received in late 2022.

Chechik would go on to say “She knows I can’t respond” in her final tweet on the matter at the time of writing. Though these two aren’t set to touch gloves in the ring any time soon, there’s clearly some beef between these two creators.

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