Kick star Heelmike accused of illegal drug use on stream

Heelmike drugs houseparty

Heelmike, one of Kick’s biggest names, has come under fire after taking what appears to be cocaine in during a house party, which was being live-streamed on his channel.

Heelmike is no stranger to doing risky stuff on-stream. He was previously suspended from Kick for a day after he broadcast himself receiving oral sex in February, after which he promised that he’d “learned his lesson” about streaming inappropriate content.

Heelmike accused of taking cocaine on stream

In a recent livestream, Heelmike can be seen standing by a kitchen counter with several other partygoers.

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One of the guests, who Heelmike is talking to, is clearly holding a pouch of white powder, which he holds up to his nostrils routinely.

At one point, Heelmike also appears to snort the substance as well, and when the person recording approaches, Heelmike repeatedly rubs his nostrils.

Heelmike then turns to the person recording and promises: “Listen, when this motherf*cker makes that kick, he’s gonna be on my sh*t, and you guys are gonna follow him. 100%. Without a doubt. Now take a shot with me and let’s get lit.”

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He and the person with the powder then pose for the camera while shouting: “We’re going outside motherf*ckers. We’re getting high.”

The stream was quickly condemned by viewers, with several watchers pointing out that Heelmike had done little to curb his risky approach to streaming.

One viewer sarcastically commented: “It’s a good thing he tweeted out he learned his lesson after getting a blowjob on stream. He understands the terms of service better now.”

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It’s unclear if Kick will take any actions against the streamer, but they have previously banned Heelmike temporarily for streaming inappropriate content.

However, Heelmike seemed the be onboard with Kick’s less strict approach to content moderation, and tweeted out “Kick is the GOAT because they reach out and tell creators what they did wrong” when he was banned in February.

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