Adin Ross loses $10,000 bet with Kai Cenat over Ryan Garcia fight

Theo Burman
adin ross loses bet with kai cenat

Streamer Adin Ross lost out on $10,000 after betting Kai Cenat that Ryan Garcia would win his fight with Gervonta Davis.

The top Kick streamer placed the bet ahead of the widely-anticipated fight, which saw Ryan Garcia lose in the seventh round after he was knocked out.

After the fight, Adin said that he was “scamming” Kai, and wouldn’t give over the money. However, when they met in person, Adin did concede and pay up.

Adin Ross loses $10,000 bet with Kai Cenat

After the fight, Adin Ross posted about his lost bet on Instagram, tagging Kai in the video, where he said: “Kai, I’m scamming you. Come get your money back. I don’t care, I’m mad as f*ck.

“He didn’t really get knocked out, he just took the knee bro. It was the craziest thing I’ve seen in my life. I’m scamming you, one hundred thousand percent. I’m not even joking.”

However, Kai Cenat wasn’t taking no for an answer, and quickly responded in an Instagram post of his own, where he said: “Adin, I’m pulling up on you right now.

“You better give me your bread ASAP. I’m not even playing with you. If this next clip is not you handing me my money, it’s up.”

When the two streamers did meet up, Adin handed the money over in cash, joking that he felt “hurt” by the situation, and telling Kai that he was “weird as f*ck”.

The two streamers have remained on good terms since Adin left Twitch, and since Kai’s ban from the streaming platform, they’ve frequently discussed the possibility of him moving to rival platform Kick, which Adin heavily promotes.

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