Adin Ross & N3on agree to boxing fight with one big rule

Connor Bennett
Adin Ross on stream on Kick

Streaming rivals Adin Ross and N3on have “locked” in for a fight after Adin laid out his demands to make it happen and finally settle their beef. 

For years, content creators have been settling their differences by stepping into the boxing ring for a fight. Many of these clashes have become big business, taking place on fight cards with big productions and on pay-per-view for fans to watch as well. 

While they probably won’t end up on a Misfits card, Adin Ross and N3on have beefing for quite some time, especially as Adin claimed that Sam Frank – N3on’s girlfriend – is the reason why the two aren’t close friends anymore. 

The Kick streamers have continually taken shots at one another over the last few months, and have recently suggested that they’d escalate things into a fight. 

Adin Ross & N3on ‘lock’ in fight that will be streamed

Well, after N3on claimed that he’d fight his rival “any time, any place,” Adin gave his own thumbs up to the fight happening. Though, he would have a few conditions for it. 

“I would do it, f*ck it, but it wouldn’t be fair. I mean, I’m not scared, I’ll do it. I’m 50 lbs heavier than him, it’s not even going to be fair bro. We gotta do no headgear and we can do it,” the Kick star said

Adin and N3on ultimately ended up on a call together to discuss the idea of a fight and agreed to do it on Either Saturday, February 17 or Monday, February 19. “We’re locked,” N3on responded, agreeing to Adin’s demands of having no headgear in the fight. 

“Bro, I’m going to hurt him really bad. Like, you got to understand,” Adin added, noting that he wasn’t convinced that it was all agreed. “He might just be doing that for the stream,” he said. 

It remains to be seen if the longtime rivals will, in fact, fight at some point but its something that fans are looking for to now they’ve actually spoken about it.

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