Adin Ross announces upcoming boxing match against another streamer

Adin Ross taking boxing match against another streamerYouTube: Adin Live

Prominent Kick streamer Adin Ross has confirmed that he’s taking a boxing match against another broadcaster — but he didn’t say who.

It looks like Adin Ross is preparing for his first-ever boxing match, according to a statement he made during a recent stream.

Ross, who once made his home at Twitch, has since moved to Kick, where he allegedly signed “the biggest streaming deal ever” to broadcast exclusively on the platform.

Now, it seems that another major change is on its way for the streamer… but there’s still some unknown details.

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Adin Ross taking boxing match in 2024 against mystery streamer

On March 16, Ross went live on Kick, where he claimed that he’s taking a boxing match for 2024.

However, he declined to divulge the name of his opponent, despite his fans’ requests — but he did reveal that he’ll be touching gloves with another streamer.

“‘You’re boxing?'” Ross read a comment aloud from his chat. “Yeah. 2024. I’m boxing against another streamer. Don’t guess. Don’t be weird.”

That’s all Adin had to say on the topic, so details are a bit sparse. His debut match is certainly quite a long way off at this point, giving him over a year to prepare for his unnamed opponent.

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Of course, fans are already speculating who he might be fighting, despite his pleas to the contrary. Thus far, commenters are convinced he might be facing off with Fortnite pro Clix — but the list of possible suspects is quite long, considering Ross has disgruntled quite a few other creators with his behavior as of late.

Since moving to Kick, Ross has ‘kicked’ up quite a bit of controversy, with other streaming stars like Hasan, xQc, and others decrying him for going down a “bad path” amid his support for Andrew Tate and his on-stream antics — like the time he asked a fan to physically harm his brother for money.

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For now, it’s anyone’s guess as to who Ross will be taking on in the boxing ring. Until then, fans can watch out for Jake Paul’s upcoming rematch with Tommy Fury this summer.

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