YouTuber Ryan Trahan goes viral surviving on $0.01 for a week

YouTuber Ryan Trahan in a videoYouTube: Ryan Trahan

YouTuber Ryan Trahan is getting millions of views for his YouTube series where he tries to survive for a week off just $0.01 as part of a fundraiser for Central Texas Food Bank.

Ryan is a 22-year-old YouTuber with just over 3 million subscribers on his main channel. He’s embarked on several crazy challenges as part of his YouTube journey, including staying overnight in the world’s cheapest hotel, hosting an Instagram talent show, and more.

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This time he’s taken things to a new level with his multiple-part series in which he tries to live off just $0.01 for an entire week. The rules are simple. All profit must come from the penny, and everything he buys must be paid for by the profit from the penny.

While it seems ambitious, Ryan got the ball rolling pretty quickly by exchanging the penny for pen, which quickly evolved into a small candy business.

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At the heart of the series is a good cause, with Trahan setting up a fundraiser for the Central Texas Food Bank.

Talking about the charity he said: “I just wanted you guys to know my motivation, as I’m gonna continue making these videos, and continue working my butt off for the next six days. There isn’t a clear end date to this for so many of our brothers and sisters out there that literally don’t know where their next meal is coming from.”

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At the time of writing Ryan has only uploaded three episodes, with more to come, but the response has already been amazing.

The series so far has a combined 15.5 million views and those numbers are only continuing to rise as viewers follow the YouTuber on his crazy challenge.

People have already managed to raise over $6,900 for the food bank, and with every dollar equalling four meals, that means Ryan and his viewers have managed to generate a huge number of meals for people in need.

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The rest of the episodes look set to roll out over the next couple of weeks, and fans are excited to see the other creative ways in which he can make his cash last until the end of the seven days.

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