Addison Rae angry after lies spread about her on social media

Addison Rae Instagram postInstagram: addisonraee

TikTok star Addison Rae has hit out at how lies spread on social media, after fans appeared to leak her voter registration ahead of the US presidential election.

Being one of the most followed creators on the platform, Rae (real name Addison Easterling) attracts a lot of attention from TikTok users worldwide — both good and bad.

Now, she seems to have had enough, calling out the spread of misinformation about her across social media and popular pages online. In a series of posts across Twitter, Instagram and TikTok, Rae has addressed the issue head on.

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In one comment on a popular Instagram page, following a post regarding a TikTok that appeared to leak Rae’s voter registration, she said: “Everything I’ve been on here for lately is based off of rumors or assumptions. It’s so sad and I’m honestly so anxious about everything because it’s crazy how warped people’s perceptions become of you off the internet.”


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This comes after she explained that the voter registration ‘leak’ wasn’t real or accurate, mainly because she is from Louisiana (not California, as the video suggests) and has never registered to vote.

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After a flurry of negative comments from fans who obviously hadn’t seen her responses or understood the full picture, Addison took to Twitter to vent her feelings.

“Stop spending time bringing others down with untruthful information,” she implored of her followers in one tweet, clearly denying the legitimacy of the ‘leak.’

She posted again shortly after, saying: “Growing up our parents always said ‘don’t believe anything you see on the internet’ yet everyone somehow trusts everything they read on here…”

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Addison rae tweets about people spreading liesTwitter: whoisaddison
Addison wasn’t happy with the spreading of misinformation about her.

Obviously, regardless of Addison’s political leanings, she deserves the same privacy as everyone else when it comes to information such as her voter registration.

While that might not be so easy to do when you’re in the public eye, those spreading this information need to be extra careful about what they’re saying, especially if there’s a chance it’s not even true.

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