A group of ex-Twitter employees just announced their own platform

Spill, a new social platform made by former Twitter employeesTwitter: Phonz

A group of former Twitter employees has announced that they are making their own social media platform, just weeks after being laid off by Elon Musk.

On October 27, Elon Musk revealed that he had officially become the owner of Twitter after months of deliberation between him and former Twitter admins.

Musk began mass layoffs in the company shortly after, leading many to jump over to alternate platforms as many began to believe Twitter was dying.

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Now, former Twitter employees have announced that they’re working on a new social media website they like to call: Spill.

Ex-Twitter employees introduce a new social platform

On December 16, Phonz — the former Global Head of Social & Editorial at Twitter — revealed the new platform in a series of tweets.

“looking for a good alt to the bird app? we gotchu. HYPED to introduce Spill: a next-gen social platform that puts culture first, brought to you by a group of ex-Tweeps,” he said.

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In the first tweet, Phonz also shared a link where users can reserve their username on the upcoming platform.

In the thread, the former Twitter employee revealed that Spill will not be “another Twitter,” but will be something fresh that he says will “push social media forward.”

Explaining it further, Spill will be marketed to everyone and uses “large language model AI” to improve moderation and customer support, as well as partnerships with major brands to premiere content and more.

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They are apparently in the very early days of their build but are aiming to have an early alpha available to users by early July — so nothing is available to use yet.

Many have called for former Twitter employees to do just this since Musk’s takeover in October, noting various issues with other websites like Mastodon or Hive Social.

It seems to be a hit so far as well, as over 10,000 people have reserved their names on the upcoming platform in the hours following its announcement.

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We’ll be sure to update you when Spill goes live in 2023.

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