16-year-old TommyInnit hits 40K Twitch subs, raking in over $150,000

Connor Bennett
TommyInnit on Twitch talking to his camera

Minecraft star Thomas ‘Tommyinnit’ Simons hit the ridiculous mark of 40,000 subscribers on Twitch, which, even with the most conservative estimates, would bag him around $150,000 per month. 

Even though it’s been around since 2009, Minecraft has become incredibly popular with creators in the last 18 months, as many have flocked to the sandbox survival game.

Some have only had a brief stint playing the game, but others like the DreamSMP server players, have stuck around for much longer and had a huge amount of success. 

Their videos and streams rack up millions of views, with 16-year-old Tommyinnit having the most success when it comes to Twitch by amassing over 40,000 paying subscribers on the Amazon-owned platform.

Tommyinnit gasps while filming
Tommyinnit has seen an incredible rise to success in the past year.

The 16-year-old British streamer hit the crazy mark during his January 7 stream where he dived into the DreamSMP server for just over an hour’s worth of play. 

The subscriptions quickly rolled in and after starting with just over 39,000 subs,  he eclipsed his goal of 40,000 subs by the halfway point. That, if it held up – and assuming that the streamer gets around $3.50 per $5 sub (the exact split can vary) – would equate to over $150,000 per month.

As his stream came to an end, and presumably so did a number of subscriptions, his total dipped to just under the 40,000 mark – finishing up at 39,674. In total, for that hour-long stream alone though, he got 957 subs. 

Screenshot of Twitch stats for most subscribers
Tommy sits in 4th of all Twitch streamers, with xQc having the most.

That total of 39,674 puts him fourth of all Twitch streamers when it comes to subscribers. According to TwitchTracker, Tommy sits just behind xQc, NICKMERCS, and Ibai, and is just ahead of fifth-placed Sykunno. 

It should be noted that Twitch does not publicly disclose subscriber counts, and so we must rely on figures provided by the streamers themselves.

In addition, the Minecrafter also averages around four million views on his DreamSNP YouTube uploads too, so, he’s not going to be strapped for cash anytime soon. Despite all this, he still goes to college – and once had to end his stream suddenly when he remembered he had an essay due the next day.

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