MrBeast literally gives a fan a new house for winning Minecraft challenge

Connor Bennett
Mr Beast side-by-side with a houseYouTube: MrBeast/Unsplash

YouTube superstar Jimmy ‘Mr Beast’ Donaldson showed off his incredible generosity once again by giving away a house to a fan who showed off their impressive Minecraft building skills.

Mr Beast has cemented himself as one of YouTube’s top stars. Anytime he uploads a video, fans can not only expect to see him being incredibly generous to his friends, fellow creators, or even strangers but will also see his video quickly blow up.

Each of the 22-year-old’s videos instantly becomes a hit, racking up millions of views and trendings for days on end – both on YouTube itself, as well as Twitter. Especially when he changes someone’s life with an incredible gift. 

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In his newest video, on his rapidly growing gaming channel MrBeastGaming, the YouTuber challenged fans with building a Minecraft house – with Mr Beast giving away a prize that has become a staple of his videos, a brand-new house. 

Mr Beast standing in front of $1 millionInstagram: MrBeast
Mr Beast’s generosity knows no limits.

Mr Beast didn’t give out any specifications for what he wanted to see, just that it had to be a house, and as you can imagine, the designs got pretty wild. 

Some decided to build skyscrapers, while others went for something completely different – building impressive scenes and houses based on Spongebob Squarepants, Among Us, Up! and even Club Penguin. 

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Ultimately, it was SaveMrSquishy who bagged the victory with an almost perfect score of 28/30. The Minecraft player built a small, but creative, house inside of a glass sphere using a Christmas theme throughout with a decorated tree, snow, and presents. 

The fan narrowly pipped Minecraft YouTuber Tubbo’s incredible wooden build and couldn’t believe it, even calling his parents to inform them of the good news. 

As these Minecraft building competitions and giveaways have become a staple of Mr Beast’s gaming channel, he’ll undoubtedly do another one sooner rather than later. Who knows what he’ll give away next time, the possibilities are pretty endless.

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