100 Thieves Avalanche gets Skate 4 dreams crushed by EA

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Fans of Electronic Arts’ “Skate” series have been dying for news of a fourth installment, so The Mob’s Avalanche took matters into his own hands and tried to get the info straight from the source – only to have his plan fail miserably.

Skate 3, the latest entry in the skateboarding franchise, released all the way back in 2010 for the Xbox 360 and PS3. While it was beloved by fans, it doesn’t look like another title will be arriving any time soon.

Nearly over a decade since the third installment, they are still convinced the series is alive and well, with EA being pestered about the game daily.

Skate 3
It’s been nearly a decade since a new entry in the Skate franchise arrived.

After the servers for Skate 3 mysteriously turned back on in late 2019, players thought a new game could be on the horizon, but no announcement came out of that mysterious development.

Instead of moving on, fans kept up hope, even though everything seemed grim. Perhaps the biggest Skate 4 fan of them all, Avalanche, remained as optimistic as ever, and took full advantage of asking EA about the future of the franchise when they followed him on Twitter.

However, things didn’t go according to plan. After sending a DM inquiring about Skate 4, EA simply responded with “No comment,” suggesting their lips were sealed.

The interaction could’ve ended there, but the 100 Thieves member was persistent and refused to let it go, making the DMs public for all of his followers to see.

As it turns out, EA had one more roast ready for him – and it’s the worst of them all.

Hitchariide - YouTube
Avalanche is putting his new Twitter verification to work.

The Skate publisher responded with a GIF of Stan from the Eminem music video, likening Avalanche to the overzealous fan rapped about in the song.

“Y’all gonna do me like this on the timeline in front of all these people,” Ava responded.

As it turns out, yes, they are going to do him like that.  Despite Skate’s apparent state of limbo, Avalanche is still holding on to hope, even though all the signs are saying otherwise.

“They never said Skate 4 isn’t happening,” Avalance Tweeted out. “All they said was no comment. I’ll cling onto the hope for this game for the rest of my life.”

After nearly a decade without a new Skate game, it looks like it’s time to stop fighting the good fight and let it go.

At this point, it’s looking like Half-Life 3 would be more likely than Skate 4.

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