TikToker goes viral playing Elden Ring on 23 year old portable tv

Andrew Highton
black and white erdtree in elden ring

Elden Ring is a fine example of a beautiful, modern video game, but one curious TikTok user thought it would be more interesting to see what FromSoftware’s incredible game would look like on an old, portable tv and the results are amazing.

Ever wondered what Elden Ring looked like on a tiny TV over 20 years old? Well, question it no more.

A lot of the talk in 2022 has been about Elden Ring, the newest, brutal escapade through the minds of FromSoftware. The ‘Souls’ game has been a huge hit for the developers and has become their best-selling title.

Players haven’t been able to get enough of the game’s crushing difficulty and the incredible world of the Lands Between. Yes, you have the usual individuals who want to beat the game in the shortest time possible, or just simply beat it without taking a single hit, but it turns out there are also intrigued individuals too.

fire giant in elden ring
How difficult would it be to keep track of the Fire Giant on this TV?!

Elden Ring played on an old portable TV

Played on a PS5 or Xbox Series X with a suitable TV, Elden Ring looks absolutely stunning and its fleshed-out world is truly brought to life.

So when TikTok user YourOldPalJosh was able to get their hands on a portable TV from the 90s, he decided it would be more interesting to reverse engineer Elden Ring and essentially demake it.

They explained the entire process and what they did, including acquiring a TV adapter, a PS4 Pro, a downscaler, and some classic red, yellow, and white composite cables. They then connected it all together, and lo and behold, Elden Ring became playable on the 23-year-old portable TV.

After signing into their PlayStation account, they booted up Elden Ring, and we got to see the title screen and all, before getting a glimpse at how Elden Ring played on it.

Suffice to say that the game doesn’t look as dashing and as jaw-droppingly beautiful when played on an old mini TV. One commenter even suggested an interesting idea: “Would be hilarious to watch you do an Elden Ring play through on it.”

Will they do it? We’ll have to see. Either way, this is pretty cool and shows how far we’ve come when it comes to TV technology.

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