Elden Ring streamer’s no-hit run ends in heart-breaking fashion

Emma Hill
Elden-Ring-streamer- The Happy Hob

Twitch streamer and Dark Souls aficionado ‘The Happy Hob’ was devastated during his live stream very nearly finishing his no-hit run of Elden Ring. Only to be killed by the very last hit from the game’s final boss.

As a Souls-like game, Elden Ring immediately gained a reputation for its high difficulty level and near-indestructible bosses following its release in February 2022.

However, an army of devoted Souls-like pros were determined to make the fantasy RPG even harder. Some speedrunners set out to complete the game at a lightning rate. Other players challenged themselves to beat Elden Ring without being killed.

One such devoted player was Twitch streamer The Happy Hob who is famous for his no-hit playthroughs of Souls-like games, such as Dark Souls. Sadly, his no-hit run of Elden Ring ended in a devastating fashion.

The Happy Hop Elden Ring no hit playthrough
Twitch streamer The Happy Hob had nearly finished his no-hit playthrough of Elden Ring when it came to an abrupt end

The Happy Hob devastated by final Elden Ring boss

The Happy Hob had spent over two hours somehow managing to avoid taking any hits during his playthrough of Elden Ring. Everything had gone smoothly as he reached the final boss, the Elden Beast.

Just as he was about to beat the game having not taken any hits, the Elden Beast struck its final blow. This was enough to kill Hob’s character and bring his playthrough to an abrupt halt.

Clearly devastated, Hob put his hands on his head and said: “F*ck I’m dead.” Although, he wasn’t too gutted by his defeat joking “let’s call it a draw.”

As the clip surfaced on Reddit, viewers shared their shared frustration with Elden Ring’s final boss. One viewer stated: “That star attack is such bullsh*t, you cant evade it without taking damage unless you use bloodhound step, and even then I’m not sure you can dodge it without any damage.”

Although given Hob’s reputation, his fans were confident he would be able to move on and try again. “That is devastating but it’s Hob, he’s gonna get it within a week if he retries again.”

By the end of his 6-hour stream, Hob didn’t manage to complete his no-hit run, unfortunately. Although he promised fans he would be back soon to try his hand again.

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