How to watch Twitch Rivals 2v2 Elden Ring challenge featuring xQc and Disguised Toast

Elden Ring poster with game and Twitch Rivals logoFromSoftware Inc./ Twitch

Twitch Rivals’ next event ‘Elden Ring 2v2 Challenge ft. Mendo’ is bringing the treacherous world of the Lands Between onto the stage for the first time. With Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang and Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel taking part, here’s a rundown on where you can watch the events unfold. 

Elden Ring dominated Twitch following its release in February 2022. Amid the hype for FromSoftware’s latest Souls-like RPG, streamers such as Asmongold saw huge success by including the game in their content.

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So, it’s no surprise that when it came to choosing the next Rivals event Twitch decided to plunge its participants into the world of the Lands Between and face off against their fellow Tarnished.

Here’s everything that we know about the upcoming event, including how to watch and who will be taking part.

Twitch Rivals Elden Ring 2v2 Challenge: Stream

Twitch Rivals Elden Ring 2v2 Challenge will start on June 1 at 2pm PDT / 6pm ET / 10pm BST and is embedded here for your convenience.

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The whole event will be streamed via Twitch Rivals’ official Twitch channel and will continue from June 1 until June 2. It’s not evident at the time of writing how long the stream will be. However, there are currently four teams scheduled to take part and each team will have two hours “to attempt to create the best PvP builds possible.”

Twitch Rivals Elden Ring 2v2 Challenge: Format

According to the event’s official page, each team will be made up of two players, divided into a Mentor and their Protégé.

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Each team will have “2 hours to create the best PvP build possible on fresh accounts.” Not only that, but during the PvE Achievement Hunt Phase, each player will achieve an achievement list which will give them the chance to earn extra points for each task they complete.

For the second part (the PvP Brackets Phase) players will be capped to Level 50 and will have to team up at the Academy Gates for their 1v1 duels before the final Tiebreakers phase.

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Twitch Rivals Elden Ring 2v2 Challenge: Competitors

The groups who will be competing in the battle of the Lands Between will be a mix of some “Souls veterans” who have already mastered the art of the Tarnished as well as beginners.

The content creators who will be taking part include Twitch stars xQc and Disguised Toast. However, the duo will be on opposing teams.

The four teams who will be paired up together are:

  • xQc and Mendo
  • Disguised Toast and BoxBox
  • Lirik and LobosJr
  • Maximum and Oroboro
Ranni the Witch Elden Ring cutscene screenshot.FromSoftware
Twitch streamers xQc and Disguised Toast will be battling it out against each other to be crowned the winners of the Elden Ring Twitch Rivals event.

With a special commemorative trophy up for grabs, participants in the upcoming Twitch Rivals Elden Ring 2v2 Challenge will no doubt be throwing all their boss-like strength into the game.

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Make sure to tune into the action on June 1!