Elden Ring speedrunner breaks game with instant teleport glitch

elden ring dragon loading screen

Elden Ring any% speedruns are already less than 40 minutes long, but they could get a lot shorter following the discovery of a game-breaking glitch. 

With a world as massive and jam-packed with bosses as The Land Between is, it’s astounding that players can reach the end of Elden Ring in less than an hour. And with the game being as new as it is, there’s still a plethora of glitches and shortcuts for players to discover.

The current Elden Ring any% world record is 33 minutes and 55 seconds by Distortion2. This run is made possible through skill, optimized routing, and a few decent-sized skips.

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However, a new glitch has been discovered by various runners, but no one is sure exactly how it works. But once the glitch is mastered, it can be used to demolish previous run times.

Elden Ring game-breaking teleport glitch

The current world-record holder, Distortion2, posted a short YouTube video documenting the glitch from different runners. The glitch is referred to as “zipping” and it allows players to teleport forward until they come in contact with a solid object.

According to them, the glitch is performed by holding the block button with a greatsword or shield. The player then needs to repeatedly tap the directional keys to activate the teleport.

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While it sounds simple to perform, zipping is very inconsistent. Some runners speculate the skip is dependent on the player’s hardware or frame rate. Further testing of the glitch makes it seems more like a random occurrence.

The inconsistent nature of the glitch makes it unlikely to become a viable speedrunning strat. However, it has already been used to skip certain late-game bosses which could shave several minutes off a run.

While the glitch is game-breaking, it has very little use in the current speedrun route. But once someone learns how to use the glitch consistently, a far shorter route could be developed.

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