Elden Ring streamer baffled by final boss’s second phase after months of attempts

Michael Gwilliam
Twitch streamer loses to elden ring bossTwitch/dangheesling

Twitch streamer who went viral for beating the Elden Ring boss Malenia in his 2,999th attempt is making waves again after believing he had finally beaten the game.

Former Big Brother winner and Twitch star Dan Gheesling has spent months playing through Elden Ring and enjoying its intense difficulty.

Fresh off beating Malenia after nearly 3,000 tries, Gheesling managed to get up to the game’s final boss, Radagon, and managed to slay him to beat the game after just 361 tries, or so he thought.

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Unfortunately for Gheesling, there is a whole other phase to the boss fight – something he had no idea about.

Twitch streamer goes viral for Elden Ring boss reaction

With Radagon defeated, Gheesling threw his hands into the air and celebrated in glee, believing he had finally beaten the game and could move onto his next challenge.

“It’s over, chat! It’s over!” the elated streamer grinned. “We did it! It’s over. After five months of this. Done!”

Lo and behold, however, Dan seemed to have no idea that the Elden Beast was in fact the true final boss he would need to get through to complete the game. As such, when he saw the boss’s health bar, his reaction went from excitement to a state of dread.

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Try as he might, he was no match for the Elden Beast and perished to the foe, sending him back to try again. As such, it may be quite awhile before he ends up really beating the game.

Considering Malenia took 2,999 tries, it’ll be fun to see how long the Elden Beast will torment Gheesling until he finally puts the game down for good – that is until DLC is eventually released.

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