Twitch streamer finally beats Elden Ring boss after 3,000 attempts

Nathan Warby
Elden Ring boss Melenia

Elden Ring’s bosses are some of the toughest and most grueling you’re ever likely to face, as proved by one Twitch streamer who finally managed to overcome Malenia after nearly 3,000 tries.

FromSoftware’s games are known for their difficulty, with the likes of Dark Souls and Bloodborne throwing up some brutal fights for players to overcome. Their latest and most successful game, Elden Ring, is no exception, putting Soulsborne fans through some truly sadistic encounters.

These boss fights require you to be on your A-game, but above all else, you’ll need the patience to take a few beatings, learn the foe’s moves, and come up with the best strategy for victory.

That’s exactly what popular Twitch streamer Dan Gheesling did, beating the mighty Malenia in his 2,999th attempt. Of all of Elden Ring’s bosses, Malenia is widely considered to be one of the most challenging, thanks to her powerful strikes that replenish her health bar while laying waste to yours.

Former Big Brother winner Dan Gheesling had been trying to conquer the optional challenge while keeping a tally onscreen of how many times he had been defeated. Just one shy of 3,000 failures later, he finally got the win he’d been waiting for – captured in the clip below.

Streamer defeats Elden Ring boss Malenia after almost 3,000 attempts

After whittling down Malenia’s health bar and dodging one of her many attacks, the streamer comes to the realization that the boss was one hit away from death on attempt number 2,999.

“Chat this is it!” he declared multiple times, before revealing just how long he’d waited for the moment. “You were here – 3,000 attempts, 32 days, 100+ hours,” the streamer yelled before delivering the final blow and shouting “it’s over.”

After such a long duel, it’s no surprise that the comments were full of praise for Dan after his triumph. “This was tight to watch live. This was one of the best things I’ve ever watched,” said one reply.

We’ve all found ourselves stuck on a single fight at some point in our gaming lives, so you have to admire the sheer dedication Gheesling showed to finally secure the win.