EA FC 24 Ultimate Team walkouts set for major rework as classic feature returns

Ryan Lemay
Benzema pack in FIFA 23

Pack openings are about to become much more exciting, as an EA FC 24 leak revealed how pack animations work in Ultimate Team.

Throughout FIFA’s history, pack openings have always provided memorable content. This could be an outrageous celebration of a player packing a TOTY Messi on social media or a streamer slowly devolving into madness after throwing away 1,000s of dollars.

In years past, nation, position, and club previews added to the anticipation of the pack opening experience. Seeing Argentina, RW, and PSG just for it to be Angel Di Maria instead of Lionel Messi would be devastating, but that rush of nearly winning the lottery consistently brings players back for more.

FIFA 23 did away with the nation, position, and club previews, but an EA FC 24 leak suggests they could finally be making a return.

How do packs work in EA FC 24?

Reliable FC 24 leaker Fut Sheriff reported: “Nation, Position, and Club Previews are back for EA FC Pack Opening.”

Fut Sherrif elaborated: “Meaning that if you pack a walkout, you will get 3 different sequences before the boards show up, just like how it was previously.”

The leak also revealed double walkouts as a new feature. Community members celebrated the return of previews but disagreed over double walkouts.

One player responded: “Double walkouts are a sick idea, but I do prefer not knowing if I have something good behind the pack. It kills the hype.”

In defense of the new feature, a second user clapped back: “I think it’s sick. Imagine packing Haaland and seeing Mbappe just walk out behind him.”

Community members collectively celebrated a return to the game’s roots. A third player responded: “Finally back to the best way pack opening ever was and always should be.”

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