EA FC 24 Career Mode new features: Spectate mode, coaches, dynamic moments

Andrew Highton
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EA has announced a raft of changes to EA FC 24’s Career Mode to make it the most immersive ever. Changes include the addition of a new spectate mode and a bunch of tweaks to give players more depth than ever before.

While EA FC 24’s Ultimate Team and Pro Clubs modes continue to occupy the game’s online-hungry fans, many football sim lovers look to the game’s Career Mode for their single-player fix. It allows players to use their favorite teams and players in a bid to win trophies and earn success.

On the other hand, it’s one area that fans feel is overlooked most years. In response, EA is making a wide range of updates to the game’s Career Mode. Not only will they bolster the mode’s depth, but they will make the idea of football management more tantalizing and involving than ever before.

EA EA FC 24 Career Mode: Trailer

On July 31, EA released a deep-dive trailer explaining the new Career mode features. the devs also included a detailed blog post that thoroughly breaks down what offline grinders can expect from their favorite game mode this year.

EA FC 24 Career Mode: Spectator Mode

One of the big EA FC 24 updates on the marquee is the new Spectator Mode. Football Manager enthusiasts will recognize this instantly and EA is now giving players the chance to really micromanage their team during simulated matches.

Players will be able to move the camera around as well and get up close and personal with the action and get a true feel of the momentum in a match and how it’s shaping up.

EA FC 24 Career Mode: Coaches, Philosophies & Dynamic Moments

Other improvements to the manager side of things include the addition of coaches that can further develop your players and help them to realize their potential in their desired position. EA has also added new Tactical Visions (known as Philosophies) that help to shape a team and the way your team plays e.g. Tiki Taka for more possession-based football.

A new feature that you’ll find in both aspects of Career Mode too is the new Dynamic Moments. These special segments allow you to experience some of your team’s/player’s greatest moments in elaborate detail – such as a big celebration for your team winning the league, or your individual created player claiming the sacred Ballon D’Or.

jude bellingham in ea fc 24

Here is the full list of different manager philosophies players can choose from.

  • Standard: A balanced approach to the game, focused on maintaining a shape which will help you stay strong defensively while still offering a threat going forward
  • Wing Play: Makes use of the full width of the pitch when in possession, getting the ball out to attacking players close to the touchlines quickly and using overlapping full-backs to add to the threat from those areas
  • Tiki-Taka: A possession-based style of play. Comfortable on the ball all over the pitch, your players use short passing and rotations while waiting for opportunities to play in attackers who’ve run into channels or gaps between opposition defenders.
  • Counter-Attack: Low-risk and a low block are the key to this style of play. Players defend the penalty area and then, once possession is regained, get the ball forward quickly with attackers ready to run into space behind the opponents’ defensive line.
  • Gegenpressing: This strategy is based around a high press. Your team tries to win back the ball in the opponent’s third wherever possible, using turnovers to create goal-scoring opportunities before the opposition can settle back into shape.
  • Kick & Rush: A style of play built around strength and athleticism enables your players to often bypass the midfield, getting the ball forward quickly to your powerful strikers who can exploit space behind defenders and battle for second balls and knockdowns.
  • Park the Bus: Your team bases its game around solid, uncompromising defending. You’re always disciplined and well-organised out of possession, usually employing a very low block, throttling opponents’ attacks before winning the ball and trying to get forward yourselves.

Tactical vision scouting

Career mode managers can recruit players based on how they fit within their philosophy. EA introduces three new filters when scouting transfer targets.

  • Tactical Fit: Each Tactical Vision is associated with a set of key Attributes for each position on the field. With Tactical Fit, your scouts will report back on players that stand out in those areas of their game.
  • Overall Condition: This is a filter that determines the quality of the player you are looking for, ranging from Backup to World Class.
  • PlayStyles: Need a player that has a specific PlayStyle in their arsenal? This is where you ask for it.


Players will also be able to hire coaches based on how they fit with their tactical vision. Each coach has unique characteristics in tactical knowledge and player development. Coaches are also divided into three levels of knowledge; novice, accomplished, and expert.

alexis macallister in ea fc 24 career mode

EA FC 24 Career Mode: Career Path Objectives, Player Agents & Play Styles

It’s not just the Manager side of things getting revised gameplay changes though. Users who prefer to control and focus on a single player will be pleased too.

You can now choose specific career path objectives to keep you focused. Not only will you have different targets to earn achieve during matches, but they can also help you earn your dream move to a bigger team.

In addition to this, Player Agents can earn you great benefits such as bigger wages. Throw in Play Styles and Dynamic Moments and EA FC 24 fans have a lot to keep them occupied.

EA’s new chapter in football sim games begins on September 29, 2023, and for more information on the game, check out our full hub with tons of content for you to check out!