How to watch ESL One Birmingham 2024: Stream, teams, prize pool & more

Declan Mclaughlin
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ESL One Birmingham 2024 is set to be the second big event in Dota 2 esports’s 2024 calendar year and will feature some of the top teams from around the world. Here is everything we know about the event so far.

Twelve teams worldwide will have off at ESL One Birmingham with the champion taking home the lion’s share of the $1 million prize pool and a host of ESL Pro Tour points. The tournament is the second big event in the Dota 2 esports calendar for 2024 and the fourth in the second season of the ESL Pro Tour.

The tournament will feature four teams invited from their placement on the EPT leaderboard and eight teams who battled through their regional qualifiers.

This is everything we know so far about the event including where to watch, teams participating, prize pool breakdown, and more.


ESL One Birmingham 2024: Stream

ELS One Birmingham 2024 will be streamed across ESL channels on Twitch and YouTube. The channel has been embedded below for your convenience. The tournament will also feature multiple streams as matches run simultaneously across the early stage.

ESL One Birmingham 2024: Schedule & Bracket

The ESL One Birmingham bracket and schedule have not yet been fully released. The tournament begins on April 22 and runs through April 28.

The tournament is broken up by Group Stage and Playoff Stage matches:

  • Group Stage: April 22-24
  • Playoff Stage: April 26-28

Here are the two groups for ESL One Birmingham:

Group A

BetBoom Team0-0-0
G2 x iG0-0-0
Shopify Rebellion0-0-0
Talon Esports0-0-0
Team Falcons0-0-0
Team Liquid0-0-0

Group B

Gaimin Gladiators0-0-0
Team Spirit0-0-0
Tundra Esports0-0-0
Xtreme Gaming0-0-0

ESL One Birmingham 2024: Format

The tournament will have a classic Dota 2 format with two single round-robin groups consisting of six teams. Each series will feature two games.

The top two teams from each group will advance to the upper bracket of the playoffs while the third and fourth-place teams from each will move on to the lower bracket.

The Playoff Stage format is a double-elimination bracket. Every match except the Grand Final will be a best-of-three while the final matchup will be a best-of-five.

ESL One Birmingham 2024: Teams

image featuring the dota 2 roster of gaimin gladiators..
Gaimin Gladiators have been unstoppable since Quinn joined the roster at the beginning of the DPC Season.

Four teams were invited to the competition based on their EPT points, while the other eight had to battle through the different regional qualifier tournaments.

Invited Teams

Gaimin Gladiatorsdyrachyo, Quinn, Ace, tOfu, Seleri
BetBoom TeamNightfall, gpk, MieRo, Save-, TORONTOTOKYO
Xtreme GamingAme, Xm, Xxs, XinQ, Dy
Team LiquidmiCKe, Nisha, 33, Boxi, Insania

Qualified Teams

Western EuropeTundra EsportsPure~, Topson, TBD, 9Class, Whitemon
Eastern EuropeTeam SpiritYatoro, Larl, Collapse, Mira, Miposhka
Western EuropeOGbzm, Wisper, Ari, Ceb (Yet to announce Carry)
MENATeam FalconsSkiter, Malr1ne, ATF, Cr1t-, Sneyking
ChinaG2.iGMonet, NothingToSay, JT-, BoboKa, xNova
Southeast AsiaTalon EsportsAkashi, ChYuaN, Ws, Jhocam, ponyo
North AmericaShopify RevellionArteezy, Yopaj-, SabeRLight-, Thiolicor, Kitrak
South AmericaHEROICK1, 4nalog, Davai Lama, Scofield, KJ

ESL One Birmingham 2024: Prize Pool

The tournament’s prize pool is $1 million with the breakdown of the payouts shown below.