Eva Elfie shocked esports pros prefer Dota 2 over sex

Eva Elfie asks dota 2 pros about sexYouTube/EvaElfieYT

Movie star Eva Elfie was shocked to learn that Dota 2 pros prefer their game to having sex after interviewing them at TI 2022.

Dota 2’s The International wrapped up in October with Tundra Esports besting Team Secret in the finals to win the title, but that’s not the only thing that went down in Singapore.

Russian actress Eva Elfie has proven herself to be quite the big fan of esports over the years and was in Singapore for the big event.

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While there, she had some rather hard questions for the game’s pros including whether or not they’d prefer sex or Dota. The answers surprised her.

Eva Elfie shocked that Dota 2 players prefer gaming over sex

While many players were stunned to hear the question, many answered that Dota 2 was their preferred choice.

There were some exceptions, obviously, but by far the majority of players at TI chose Dota, leaving Elfie completely confused.

During a podcast with Jake Lucky, the star was asked to talk about the question and the players’ response, explaining that she was baffled by their choice.

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“I asked ‘what do you choose, Dota 2 or sex’ and everyone chose Dota 2. I don’t understand why!” she exclaimed. “You’re really gonna play Dota 2 and not choose sex?!”

While there’s no clear-cut answer to Elfie’s question, a tattoo 100 Thieves CEO Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag got after losing a bet could sum up what the Dota 2 players were thinking: “sex is temporary, gaming is forever.”