Whoopi Goldberg is “pissed” Diablo 4 isn’t on Mac

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Veteran actor and View co-host Whoopi Goldberg has called on Blizzard Entertainment to release a version of Diablo 4 on Mac.

Gamers who prefer to play on Mac hardware are out of luck when it comes to Blizzard’s latest Diablo release. The Apple ecosystem’s M1 and M2 architecture hasn’t exactly proven game-friendly, meaning developers have to invest more resources into porting experiences to the platform.

Blizzard opted not to do so for Diablo 4, a decision that caused quite an outcry from franchise diehards with Mac-based gaming setups.

As such, the only way to dive into the depths of Sanctuary is by buying the title on PC, PlayStation, or Xbox. One very famous person learned this lesson the hard way at launch.

Whoopi Goldberg is “pissed” about the Diablo 4/Mac situation

Legendary entertainer Whoopi Goldberg recently shared a video on her Instagram page that may have surprised quite a few people. The View co-host said she’s long been excited for Diablo 4 and purchased the game on day one.

In trying to boot it up on her Mac, Whoopi learned that Blizzard’s latest doesn’t natively support the Apple-branded platform.

“This is me venting about my favorite game, Diablo, which has been taken off of Apple,” she says at the start of the video. Whoopi goes on to note that she wasn’t aware of the lack of Mac support, then pleads with Blizzard to make an exception for this one release.

“This is what I’m asking you, Blizzard Entertainment. This is Whoopi. You know how much I love Diablo. I would like y’all to let those of us who use our Apples to play. Allow us to play on the Apple. Take Diablo 4 and let us do it and have a great time.”

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Near the end of the video, Whoopi says that abandoning Apple hardware for the next Diablo entry is fine. This time, though, she’s hoping Blizzard will port the game to Mac.

“Give me my Diablo 4, because I paid for it. I was all excited for it, I went to play on it, and I’m telling you, this really pissed me off.”

Luckily for Whoopi, Apple’s new game porting tool allows games like Diablo 4 to run on Apple Silicon devices like the new 15-Inch Macbook Air, but it’s not the easiest solution for most users to figure out just yet.

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