Everything revealed at Apple’s WWDC 2023 event: Apple Vision Pro, new Macs, iOS 17

apple wwdc products revealed during showcaseYouTube: Apple

Apple’s WWDC 2023 showcase has officially taken place, and here’s everything they announced so far including the Vision Pro Headset, new Macs, and new iOS and Mac OS versions.

Taking place every year around the beginning of June, Apple’s WWDC showcase marks the debut of various new products from the company.

This year, the Apple community has fallen in love with the rumored launch of Apple’s first-ever VR headset, named the Apple Vision Pro. But, that’s not everything that the Cupertino giant announced at WWDC 2023.

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We’ve listed everything that has been revealed during WWDC so far including new Macs, M2 Ultra, iOS 17, and more.

What was revealed at WWDC 2023? New Macs, iOS 17 & more

Here is everything that Apple has revealed at WWDC 2023 including new the Vision Pro headset, new Macs, iOS 17, Mac OS Sonoma, and more.

The developer beta for all OS releases with be available today, while Public Beta will be available in July 2023 before a Fall Release. This includes MacOS, iPadOS, WatchOS, and iOS releases. However, the biggest news was the Vision Pro mixed reality headset.

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Apple Vision Pro Headset

The Apple Vision Pro VR/AR Mixed Reality headset has finally been announced by Tim Cook to round off WDCC 2023. It was announced as Tim Cook’s “one more thing” announcement that Apple has become infamous for.

The most notable part of the design of the headset is that users can see your eyes through the headset, which many might find to be a bit awkward at first.

Apple Vision proYouTube: Apple

Users will be able to control the OS through finger gestures that also work with your eyes and voice at the same time. It can be used to control various apps on the device, or even your very own Macbook just by looking at it.

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Apple Vision Pro will launch with Disney+ on Day 1, and is working on new experiences with properties like Marvel and Star Wars.

When it comes to the design, the headset will feature laminated glass, a digital crown similar to the Apple Watch, a machined build, per-eye distance adjustment as well as spatial audio with a 3D knitted headband.

Each lens will provide 23 million pixels, which Apple claims gives users a higher pixel density than a 4K TV in each eye.

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The Vision Pro headset is powered by yet another OS from Apple, called Vision OS. Paired with the M2 and R1 chips from Apple, it offers iOS frameworks, multi-app capabilities, special audio, and more.

Apple’s Vision Pro headset will release in early 2024 at $3,499 USD. For more information about the Vision Pro, check out our coverage.

15 Inch Macbook Air

With thin, 5mm borders the 15.3″ Macbook Air is powered by Apple’s very own M2 chip gets 50% more battery life compared to its PC counterparts.

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Starting at $1,299, the 15.3″ Macbook is available now. Apple also lowered the price of the 13-inch Macbook Air, with the M1 variant being $999 and brand-new M2 variant priced at $1299.

Macbook prices with new 15 inchYouTube: Apple

M2 Ultra in Mac Studio and Mac Pro

Apple has also revealed the M2 Ultra version of the popular Apple Silicon, bringing it to the Mac Studio as well as the full-size Mac Pro. The M2 Ultra is the most powerful variant of the M2 chip, and will be used for professional tasks such as video and image editing.

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Apple has also revealed that they have put the M2 Ultra inside of the Mac Studio as well as the Mac Pro, giving users access to Apple Silicon and PCIE expansion for the first time. This expands the device’s usage among the professional industry that has so long since been one of Apple’s biggest customers.

YouTube: Apple

iOS and iPad OS 17

Apple has also just revealed the next version of its mobile OS, iOS 17. Alongside the reveal are multiple updates to the iPhone’s most used apps, including Live Voicemail in the default Phone app.

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iOS 17 overviewYouTube: Apple

Among other things, Apple has revealed updates to Airdrop, autocorrect, and messages, as well as new apps coming through the update.

One of the new apps is named Journal. This gives Apple users a native app for keeping track of their day with dated posts and notifications for reminders.

Another long-rumored feature coming in iOS 17 is Standby, which gives users the ability to turn their iPhone into a smart device with various widgets to track time, live activities, and more.

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Apple standbyYouTube: Apple

For iPad OS 17, Apple has improved widgets by giving developers the ability to interact more. They’re also coming to the iPad lock screen, something many have been after since they were launched for iOS.

They’ve even brought over live activities, allowing users to track multiple things live as it happens.

MacOS Sonoma

MacOS Sonoma has been revealed, and it’s bringing widgets to the home screen that works alongside your iPhone.

To make Apple’s limited gaming proposition on Mac even better, Game Mode makes gaming on a Mac “even more immersive” offers low latency audio with Airpods, and has enhanced the polling rates of Xbox and PS5 controllers.

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YouTube: Apple

Apple is also improving updates to Safari, including improvements to private browser windows and passkey support for passwords and profiles.

Web Apps are also coming to Mac OS Sonoma, allowing users to turn websites into “app-like experiences.”

MacOS Sonoma overviewYouTube: Apple

Apple Watch OS 10 reveal

Alongside iOS and iPad OS 17 reveals Apple has also announced Watch OS 10 which brings a smart stack of Widgets to the Watch for the first time.

A new app design method brings improvements to Apple’s first-party programs and gives developers a new way to make their apps beautiful.

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The company has also introduced a variety of new workout features, as well as new assistance for Golf and Tennis players.

WatchOS redesignYouTube: Apple

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