Diablo 4 players have genius idea for World Boss and Helltide Event problem

Andrew Highton
players taking on boss in diablo 4

Diablo 4’s World Bosses and Helltide Events are major endgame actvities. However, players feel that they’re both being undermined by an overbearing and detrimental oversight.

If you’ve put the time and effort into defeating Diablo 4’s main game, you’ll be rewarded with a ton of post-game content – including fun side quests such as the Tree of Whispers.

Another area that truly comes to life is the idea of both World Bosses and Helltide Events. The former is effectively a giant raid against a titanic boss enemy. On the other hand, Helltide Events require players to take down a large number of regular enemies, all for the sake of alluring rewards.

With all that being said, despite the added value of these additional activities, Diablo 4 players are currently very unhappy with the way in which they’re being presented.

Diablo 4 World Bosses and Helltide Events need timers

At the moment, Diablo 4 players have absolutely no way of knowing when either a World Boss or Helltide Event is going to drop in Sanctuary.

Given that these are vital chunks of gameplay with beneficial rewards, players don’t feel it’s ideal. Reddit user Azzinaughty has given the devs a simple request: “Petition to put World Boss / Helltide Timers here please.”

‘Here’ being one of the town’s Notice Boards. Though, it seems that anything at all would do for Diablo 4 players: “Or even on the corner of the world map. SOMETHING. SOMEWHERE,” begged one player.

Diablo 4 players are sinking tons of hours into the game, but simply feel aggrieved that they’re missing the game’s special content: “No doubt. Playing all day yesterday and have a couple of arenas discovered so the notification should pop up now but I’ve no idea when. I haven’t socketed a single thing and I’m nearly level 60 because I’ve no Uber rare boss mats,” explained one player.

The World Map idea seems to be the favored consensus: “Uh no. How about on the world map so everyone can see it no matter where they are without having to go back to town?” commented another D4 user.

The community seems completely united it seems. We’ve already witnessed players suggesting subtle tweaks to Diablo 4’s game design such as inventory changes for Gems, as well as the call for new classes. So, time will tell how much of this Blizzard decides to incorporate into the looter title.

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