Diablo Immortal leak points to classic Knight enemy returning as new class

Brianna Reeves
diablo immortal new class

Information in a datamine leak suggests Diablo Immortal’s new class will revolve around a Knight enemy dating back to Diablo 1.

In June, Blizzard plans on hosting a Diablo 4 crossover event in Immortal that features Lilith-themed items. The news broke several days ago, with the studio also announcing that another class will join the roster in July.

While Blizzard has yet to share specifics, it noted that the class “bleeds new blood into the Diablo universe… and favors a mid-range playstyle using a classic weapon type.”

Now a datamine leak indicates Blizzard went back in time, drawing from the annals of Diablo history to craft Sanctuary’s next protector.

Diablo Immortal’s new class may be a classic Diablo 1 foe

Dataminer and Twitter user DataMineARPG claims to have accessed Diablo Immortal game files that confirm the class Blizzard will introduce in July.

After scouring the latest game files, the leaker managed to “piece together a high-resolution image” that depicts Diablo 1’s Blood Knight character. It seems, then, that Immortal’s new hero class is a repurposed enemy from the Diablo 1 days.

DataMineARPG shared the pieced-together image in the following social media post:

The shot depicts an armor-clad character fighting off demons clamoring atop an altar. From the looks of it, the mystery combatant wields a polearm weapon.

Notably, Blood Knights constituted the final Knight class that players battled against in the original Diablo. These formidable Hell Knight variants were devasting to all who encountered them, especially given their immunities to spell and fire-based attacks.

Should they return as playable characters like the datamine leak suggests, Diablo Immortal players are in for quite the treat come July.

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