Diablo 4 players confused by lack of “unique bosses”

Brianna Reeves
diablo 4 bosses

Considering the 100-plus dungeons scattered across Sanctuary, Diablo 4 players are confused by the ARPG’s lack of “unique bosses.”

Blizzard has littered the world of Sanctuary with dungeons for players to explore, some more valuable than others but all worthy of at least one trip inside.

Not everyone is thrilled about the current state of things, however. For one, the dungeons can start to feel repetitive after a while, especially when hitting a wall with the “save injured adventurers” objective. And some would argue the rewards aren’t always worth the extra effort.

Interestingly, players think the overall experience would’ve fared far better had developers invested in more distinctive bosses.

Diablo 4 players question the scarcity of “unique” bosses

Reddit user JamboreeStevens posed the following question to fellow D4 fans – “How do we have over 120 dungeons and only like 12 bosses?”

The Redditor goes on to say that a greater number of enemies, in general, would’ve been nice. However, since the regular mobs “live to die in droves,” their lack of variety doesn’t matter as much.

Responses to the thread indicate that many agree and have already grown tired of the dungeon setup. One person argued Diablo 4 features “hundreds of ‘dungeons’ that are actually just disguised fetch quests in a cave.”

diablo 4 bosses

Others spoke in favor of some dungeons reusing the Lesser Evil bosses that players fight during the campaign. “..They have a bunch of bosses from the campaign they could use and don’t. Such a waste,” said another Redditor.

Someone else replied, “This is my biggest problem with it. Let us fight the lesser evils, Elias, that druid lady. It’s just wasted content otherwise.”

This isn’t the only complaint being leveled against the bosses of Diablo 4. Players have also blasted endgame World Bosses for not providing enough of a challenge. But perhaps issues of the matter will be changed once the Seasonal content starts dropping.

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