Diablo 4 players furious as Season 1 queues are worse than expected

Brianna Reeves
diablo 4 queues

Blizzard just unleashed Diablo 4 Season 1 and players are already furious over the longer than expected queues.

The days leading up to Diablo 4’s first season were full of ups and downs for both developers and the player base. Notably, the pre-season patch was met with much derision from those frustrated by class nerfs, the lack of more Uber Unique Items, and so on.

These frustrations were shortly followed by Activision’s announcement that Diablo 4 is officially the fastest-selling Blizzard game to date.

It’s not hard to believe, then, that players from around the world quickly piled into the Season 1 content, making for longer than usual queue times.

Diablo 4 hit with “unusually long” queues as Season 1 kicks off

Season 1 went live on July 20 at 10:00 AM PT, it didn’t take long for players to start noticing lengthy wait times. Fortunately, Blizzard has already addressed the issue in a post that reads in part, “We’re seeing some unusually long queue times for #DiabloIV.”

The post goes on to note that developers are already working on a solution, but that hasn’t alleviated the frustration among fans.

“Stuck in queue… What a surprise,” reads the start of one Reddit thread that went up shortly after Season 1’s release. Others said they’re experiencing the same trouble. “20+ minutes in a queue,” one user writes, to which someone else replied by saying they spent 40 minutes in Diablo 4’s long queues.

diablo 4 queues

And some have pointed out that the hiccups don’t stop upon actually entering the game. According to a different Redditor, “Even when you get past the queue, the experience in-game is laggy and bugged as hell atm. Not able [to] get out of the town (plenty of players seem to be stuck at the exit), loading screens take forever, etc.”

Meanwhile, in the replies to Blizzard’s tweet, users have also reported receiving errors about account authentication. A swift response from a Blizzard representative notes that this can be solved by updating the game client. But there’s no word on when Diablo 4’s long queues will come to an end.

And as for those still upset about the recent patch and Season 1 rollout, the studio plans to address as much in a Campfire Chat scheduled for Friday, July 21.