Diablo 4 players praise Campfire Chats for transparency from devs

Samantha Giambra
Diablo 4 campfire chat

Diablo 4 players left a trail of Adam Fletcher appreciation posts after the Diablo 4 Campfire Chat stream went live.

Diablo 4 Season One has been under fire lately for several imbalanced mechanics, seemingly unfair affixes, and class changes that apparently left Sorcerers feeling defeated.

The July 2023 Diablo 4 Campfire Chat finally addressed several issues players found, and some fans have decided to thank those involved for their hard work and listening skills.

Campfire Chats said to be a “Huge Positive”

One Reddit user took to the platform to discuss how some dev chats can be highly scripted with “awkward side chatter” thrown in to break up their bulleted patch notes. The user mentioned that this Campfire Chat felt genuine and less corporate than other developer Q&A sessions.

Rather than picking questions unrelated to the topics at hand, the Reddit user stated it seemed they chose meaningful questions. They also gave fully transparent non-scripted answers to players and fans alike.

One commenter wrote, “What I appreciate besides the usual communication, is that even when they s**t the bed, they can explain exactly why, and what went wrong. Like the 5 sec teleport example. Even when they make a very unpopular nerf or something, them telling us the numbers that lead them to that conclusion helps a lot.”

One point in the comments was why developers, especially those involved with Diablo 4 and Blizzard, may be weary of being fully transparent. The remark reads, “Seeing this community though, I can now understand why devs don’t want to be transparent.”

While it may be true that some developers may refrain from being open and honest about quirks and bugs, fans on this thread agree that the transparency and a clear path to a better game being laid out on the table is a step in the right direction for Diablo 4.