Diablo 4 barricade bug locks player out of Fury Against Fate quest

Brianna Reeves
diablo 4 fury against fate

Because of a bugged barricade, Diablo 4 players are having trouble completing the Fury Against Fate side quest.

Diablo 4’s barricades are strongly disliked among fans, especially because of how often the obstacles pop up along roads. Worst still, getting around the barricades requires their total destruction, which can significantly slow down the pace of travel.

Riding mounts doesn’t help in this regard either, since there’s no mechanic that allows horses to hop over the road barriers.

Unfortunately, the biggest headache comes from users being unable to progress in a side quest because of an unbreakable roadblock.

Diablo 4’s Fury Against Fate side quest is glitched

A Reddit user recently shared footage of a frustrating Diablo 4 bug that’s preventing them from progressing a side quest. The mission in question, Fury Against Fate, at one point requires the player to take down an Elite Gore-Soaked Barricade.

As seen in the video below, the barricade’s health meter isn’t budging, despite the Redditor’s flurry of attacks.

According to several replies to the post, this glitch isn’t exactly uncommon. And, apparently, it’s been around for quite a while.

Blizzard Entertainment has yet to address the issue as of writing, but some users claim to have found a temporary workaround.

How to fix the Fury Against Fate bug

A different Reddit post states that PC users struggling with barricades in Diablo 4’s Fury Against Fate missions should try the following method:

  • Ensure the game is in windowed or borderless window mode
  • Set the minimum background FPS to 1FPS
  • Relog outside of the cave
  • Click on the cave entrance and tab out, then wait until everything fully reloads at 1FPS
  • Speak to the NPC and tab out again
  • Wait until they start shouting, then continue with the quest

Another user says the following works on both consoles and PC:

  • Abandon the quest
  • “Set a load of stuff downloading/streaming on the console and other devices”
  • Log in again
  • Pick up the quest and continue on.

Supposedly, a “high ping” solves the problem without issue for reasons unknown. Consider it yet another of Diablo 4’s many mysteries.

With the Season 1 content on the horizon, players can only hope that issues like this won’t persist for too much longer.

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