Diablo 4 devs promise to address dungeon rewards issue in future hotfix

Brianna Reeves
diablo 4 dungeon rewards

Diablo 4 developers have acknowledged dungeon reward issues affecting the Nightmare Dungeon for Akhan’s Grasp, so a hotfix should launch in the “near future.”

Procedurally-generated areas that players can mine for XP and loot, dungeons count among Diablo 4’s most significant features.

Normal dungeons include the standard fare of monsters to kill and puzzles to solve, but the real challenge comes into play with Nightmare Dungeons – accessible in World Tiers 3 and 4.

The Nightmare Dungeons also require a bit of legwork to unlock, so players who’ve encountered issues in these areas are less than pleased. Those same users will be happy to learn that Blizzard is working to address said issues.

Blizzard promises to fix dungeon reward problems in Diablo 4

The Akhan’s Grasp Nightmare Dungeon has stopped some users in their tracks, most notably because the accompanying rewards aren’t unlocking upon the area’s completion. Two regular dungeons have similarly robbed Diablo 4 players of their hard-earned winnings.

Fortunately, Blizzard developers are committed to issuing a fix as soon as possible. This news comes by way of a post from Community Manager Adam Fletcher on the Diablo 4 Forums.

According to Fletcher, Blizzard is “investigating an issue and working on a fix with rewards not appearing for players who complete the Nightmare Dungeon for Akhan’s Grasp. The team will be rolling out a hotfix for this issue in the near future.”

“We are also aware the normal Dungeons for Buried Halls and Endless Gates are not awarding rewards upon completion and are looking into a fix for that.”

diablo 4 dungeon rewards

While the dungeon rewards-related hotfix should hit Diablo 4 in the “near future,” there’s no set date or time listed in the forums post. But, hopefully, it’s a matter that developers can resolve in the coming weeks.

News of the work-in-progress patch comes amid the launch of Diablo 4 Season 1, which hasn’t gotten off to the best start.

For one, players have expressed frustration over the changes introduced in the pre-season update, specifically as they relate to class nerfs and the introduction of World Tier level requirements. Blizzard plans on addressing these matters and others during a Campfire Chat on July 21.