Diablo 4 battle pass sees Blizzard under fire again for lack of premium currency

Diablo 4 characters standing next to one anotherBlizzard

The Diablo 4 Season 1 battle pass has received a lot of criticism from the game’s community, with many calling similarities to Overwatch 2’s “overpriced” skins.

Battle passes are nothing new to live-service games, but when Blizzard announced that Diablo 4 would be getting one, many series fans were incredibly skeptical. After all, gating content behind a paywall can often lead to an outpour of frustration. 

This is especially true when the battle pass in question doesn’t reward players with enough premium currency to actually purchase anything — an area that Blizzard has been called out for before, with Overwatch 2’s battle pass coins. Unfortunately, it seems this problem reared its head again and persisted into the release of Diablo 4 Season 1.

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Diablo 4 players call out Season 1 battle pass

Diablo 4 charactersBlizzard
Diablo 4’s Season 1 battle pass has certainly caused a stir within the game’s community.

“The battle pass gives 666 Platinum. The Cheapest Item in the Store is 800 Platinum,” said one disgruntled player. “Well done, Blizzard. Just a solid 10/10 season, top to bottom.” While Diablo 4 battle pass cosmetics don’t affect your character’s stats, many players grind it to unlock the Platinum needed to unlock character skins and other in-game items. 

However, for those ranking up the Season 1 battle pass, this is not an option. “With what, 30 items in the store, you’d expect you’d be able to buy at least one of them,” one commenter said. “Then again, all expectations are out the window with this company.”

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To make matters even worse, another player has reportedly found that the game doesn’t even tell adventurers how much Favor (battle pass EXP) they need for each tier. One player stated: “How do you have a battle pass that shows a red bar, but doesn’t show the amount needed in value, then does not tell you how much each objective gives?” 

This is certainly proving a frustrating issue for players, and one Blizzard will hopefully address sooner rather than later. As for the battle pass Platinum rewards and store prices, many players will be hoping the devs will either reward more Platinum or reduce the cost of unlockable cosmetics.

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