Blizzard insists Diablo 4’s divisive Druid class is one of the strongest

Brianna Reeves
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Diablo 4 developers insist that, despite what some players believe, the divisive Druid class actually counts among the strongest in the game.

Druids in Diablo 4 have come under fire from some fans for multiple reasons in recent months. For one, there are those who strongly dislike the class’ burly character design, wishing it was more akin to the slim or muscular builds bestowed upon other classes.

During the beta, Druids also garnered criticism for feeling like the weakest of the bunch. Similar critiques were leveled against the Barbarian class, but developers promised to buff this particular hero type for launch.

Interestingly, Blizzard seems confident that Druids won’t require any major changes before the game arrives in stores.

Blizzard claims the Druid class is one of Diablo 4’s strongest

Associate Game Director Joe Piepiora recently spoke to German publication GameStar (via Wowhead) about the Druid’s balancing in Diablo 4.

With respect to why the Druid felt underpowered during public betas, the developer explained, “Actually, the Druid is one of our strongest classes – at least in our internal tests. However, our players have not been able to experience their full potential in the previous betas.”

diablo 4 druid class

In the March beta, for example, players couldn’t explore the Druid’s Animal Blessings because the quest that unlocks the mechanic was inaccessible. Once Diablo 4 launches, then, players will get to determine for themselves the true merit of the Druid class’ power.

While developers seem confident that all will work out well for the Druid, Blizzard does plan on issuing some fixes ahead of release. For instance, the team has already buffed the loot drops of Treasure Goblins in response to the paltry items the creatures left behind in the Server Slam.

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