Unsunset Destiny 2 Machine Gun is still an add-clear ace after 4 years

Kurt Perry
The 21% Delirium machine gun in Destiny 2 with Overflow and Killing Tally perks.

A classic Machine Gun that was unsunset in Destiny 2 The Final Shape is still a great add-clear weapon four years on, and the best part is it can be gotten with hardly any effort at all.

Bungie reverted Sunsetting in The Final Shape, allowing previously power-capped weapons to be powered up to current Light Levels. The community had called for this change for some time, despite the later backlash that led to Destiny 2’s senior game designer defending the decision.

For the most part, unsunsetting hasn’t changed the PvE meta much, with these old weapons being powercrept by newer options. However, 21% Delirium is still a strong option that even experienced Guardians will want to pick up.

The Arc Machine Gun is a Rapid-Fire Frame that hits hard thanks to Killing Tally’s 30% damage boost and can self-load via Overflow. When partnered with Backup Mag, Overflow lets 21% Delirium load up to 230 rounds, which is fantastic as it practically never needs reloading. To this day, 21% Delirium is the only Machine Gun capable of rolling this perk combination.

Another huge advantage to 21% Delirium is that it is effortless to acquire. Head to the Tower and purchase it from the Legacy Gear section of the Exotic Archive for 75,000 Glimmer. Previously, this would have cost an additional x1 Ascendant Shard, x2 Enhancement Prisms, and x100 Legendary Shards, but these resources aren’t required anymore to purchase weapons from the Exotic Archive.

21% Delirium machine gun in Destiny 2

After purchasing 21% Delirium from the Exotic Archive, it comes with the following curated roll:

  • Barrel: Polygonal Rifling
  • Magazine: Extended Mag
  • Column Three: Overflow
  • Column Four: Killing Tally

While 21% Delirium is a genuinely great weapon, it isn’t flawless. As a 900 RPM Machine Gun, it’s not ammo-efficient by any means. You will quickly burn through Heavy ammo using this weapon. Equally, Rapid-Fire Frames LMGs aren’t exactly meta right now, with their lack of range holding them back in certain end-game activities.

Despite this, 21% Delirium is still the second-best Arc Machine Gun in Destiny 2, only losing to Song of Ir Yut. While Song of Ir Yut is a superior weapon, it is also a raid-exclusive drop from Crota’s End. A lot of players won’t have the Fireteam or clan required to tackle Crota’s End, making this unsunset weapon their next best option.