Destiny 2 players want to see long-lost weapons return from sunsetting

A guardian shoots a machine gun

Destiny 2 players have taken to Reddit to voice their interest in seeing the return of Black Armory weapons, a set of guns that have long been sunset from the game.

In a heavily upvoted Reddit thread, fans are asking if the long-lost Season of the Forge weapons can be reissued. The Reddit post has received over 2.5k upvotes showing a clear desire for the return of the arsenal.

The Black Armory weapons are fan favorites, and they’ve not been accessible for several years now. During Beyond Light in 2020, Destiny 2 went through a sunsetting phase where it rotated out many older weapons with the intention of doing the same to future ones too.

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The plans were scrapped due to player outcry, but it was too late for many weapons, including the Black Armory. While sunset weapons remain usable, they can’t be infused to a relevant Power Level meaning they are irrelevant in a lot of content.

Should the Black Armory weapons come back?

Ada-1 holds the Inzanaghi's BurdenAda-1 has long been the keeper of the Black Armory.

Fans think it’s now time for a return. User MNneck said: “Black Armory had some of the coolest weapon designs, and they’re just sitting in Collections gathering dust”. He also proposed that Ada-1, the current keeper of the Black Armory, should offer a red border version of the weapons each week so players can craft their favorites.

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Others echoed the sentiment. User Lost-university970 said: “BA weapons were some of my favorite in the whole game, the look and perks on them were sm [so much] fun”

One user, WscieklyLeniwiec, said they’ve kept their old favorite around: “I still have my kindled orchid with kill clip and rampage”

The Season of the Forge had many weapons players loved like the Kindled Orchid Hand Cannon, Blast Furnace Pulse Rifle, The Ringing Nail Auto Rifle, Hammerhead Machine Gun, and Tatara Gaze Sniper Rifle, to name a few.

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Of course, these pleas are unlikely to fall on deaf ears over at Bungie. These weapons have become cult classics for older players and the developer is likely looking for the right time to reintroduce them. It’s entirely possible we see these sometime before the Final Shape arrives – but on that front, we will have to wait and see.

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