Orb-spewing Destiny 2 SMG makes Iron Banner well worth farming

Kurt Perry
Multimach CCX SMG in Destiny 2 that can be earned from Iron Banner.

With all the new Destiny 2 weapons added to Iron Banner in The Final Shape, it’s an SMG that wasn’t even reissued that stands out as the weapon you need to farm before the PvP mode leaves rotation.

In The Final Shape, Iron Banner received three newly reissued weapons: Claws of the World, Crimil’s Dagger, and Point of the Stag. While these all have their uses, it’s actually an SMG that hasn’t changed this season that stands out as the PvP game mode’s best gun – Multimach CCX.

Multimach CCX is a Kinetic SMG that was reissued back in Season 23. However, it didn’t receive too much attention as SMGs were not featured in that season’s artifact. That isn’t the case in Episode Echoes though, giving this overlooked primary weapon a chance to shine at last.

The Lightweight Frame SMG stands out for one major reason: it is one of just three weapons that can roll both Attrition Orbs and Kinetic Tremors. This powerful perk combination produces many Orbs of Power, with Kinetic Tremors constantly proccing Attrition Orbs.

Those intending to get Multimach CCX will want to farm the following PvE god roll before Iron Banner leaves rotation on July 16:

  • Barrel: Corkscrew Rifling/Smallbore
  • Magazine: Appended Mag/Tactical Mag
  • Column Three: Attrition Orbs
  • Column Four: Kinetic Tremors
  • Origin Trait: Field-Tested
Focusing Multimach CCX in Destiny 2.
Multimach CCX can be focused at Lord Saladin for x1 Iron Engram and x25,000 Glimmer each.

This god roll works extremely well with builds that rely on Orbs of Power to either build armor charge, upkeep buffs, or use as many Supers as possible. For example, Strand Titans trying to upkeep Woven Mail, Celestial Nighthawk users looking to use more Golden Guns, and anybody who values the 20% damage boost provided by Radiant – courtesy of this season’s Radiant Orbs artifact mod.

The only other weapons that can roll these perks are Midnight Coup and Origin Story. The former is difficult to farm these days as Onslaught no longer has attunement, and the latter has a colossal perk pool leaving you at the mercy of RNG.

Unfortunately, Multimach CCX is not a perfect weapon. The reality is that SMGs are not performing well in the current PvE meta, being out damaged by most other primaries. Despite this, the Iron Banner weapon’s great perk pool makes it worth farming, especially since SMGs are almost certain to get buffed in the future.

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