Destiny 2 PvP casuals blast inaccessible Trials of Osiris

Kurt Perry
Three Guardians wearing Trials of Osiris armor sets in Destiny 2.

Trials of Osiris has been criticized with Destiny 2’s competitive PvP game mode being slammed for its lack of accessibility and reliance on casual players acting as”fodder,” by design.

Most would consider Trials of Osiris the pinnacle of Destiny 2 PvP. The competitive mode places Guardians in a one-life, 3v3 match-up over several quickfire rounds.

Coming out on top requires map knowledge, mechanical skill, communication, and a purpose-built loadout suited to the featured map. It is some of the most demanding content in Destiny especially since players only have a few days to farm rolls before Trials disappears for the week.

However, not everyone appreciates it with some Destiny 2 players slamming Trials of Osiris for being inaccessible for the average player.

Destiny 2 Guardians slam Trials of Osiris’ reliance on fodder

Vocal Destiny 2 players have slammed Trials of Osiris’ design believing that it massively favors hardcore PvP players at the cost of the casual playerbase.

A Reddit post that started the conversation joked: “Yes yes, very accessible,” with a classic Patrick Sweater meme attached describing the experience of having to go up against all flawless opponents with meta Rose Hand Cannons as a PvP casual.

This provided a platform to slam Trials and one Guardian didn’t miss their chance: “Trials is designed to have fodder, even on weekends where everyone’s playing Trials and it’s a great time, flawless rates never really go above a third of players. The bottom gets tired of losing, so they leave, making the next tier of players the bottom.”

“This just repeats till Trials is only populated by the top 5% and the few unlucky souls who decided to play for the weekend. Then an update or new shiny weapon comes out and the cycle repeats itself. It’s a flawed system that won’t adequately reward the majority of its players for their time,” stated the thread’s most upvoted response.

Another Guardian echoed this view: “I did trials last weekend for the first time in a year, and my first game was a full team of glowing trials armor with all trials adept weapons. I was able to deal 13 damage with a ricochet shot. Which was my mistake as it immediately alerted them to my street address.”

Not everyone was as sympathetic: “Trials is endgame PvP. Idk what people expect with playing end level content against other players but at the very least you shouldn’t be surprised you’re getting steam rolled.”

Trials of Osiris will remain a controversial game mode with casual players finding it inaccessible and PvP mains wanting it to remain an end-game activity with a high skill ceiling.

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