Destiny 2 players want bygone weekly activity to make a comeback

Kurt Perry
Banshee the gun vendor from Destiny 2.

When discussing past features that are no longer in Destiny 2, players agreed that Banshee’s Armsday is the activity they’d like to see return most.

In the original Destiny, Banshee had Armsdays, a weekly activity that challenged participants to fulfill specific weapon objectives. Although it was later replaced by daily bounties some players have fond memories of the feature.

What fans really liked about Armsday was the Foundry Orders that let players roll for a set gun each week. Every Wednesday on Armsday, the chosen weapon would be delivered with a random roll giving players the chance to score an exciting Legendary gun.

It proved so popular that when deciding which past feature the Destiny 2 community would want back, Armsday was the most common answer.

Destiny 2 players want Banshee to host Armsday again

With many Destiny 2 players disgruntled with the state of the looter shooter, many are now considering options on how Bungie could improve it.

One such idea was to bring back old fan-favorite features. While the original post wanted seasonal ritual weapons back, it was the proposal for Armsday to return that resonated with the community most.

Making the suggestion, one player posted: “Armsday. Progressing the basic foundry frames and getting a weapon roll the following week was a fun loop.”

Others were quick to agree with another fan replying: “The times I’ve mentioned this, people complain that they had to wait a week. I’ve been playing D1 a lot lately, and I very much miss Armsday. Some people say that banshee selling guns is more convenient, and sure it might be but it’s boring as hell.”

Another member of the community proposed a way to improve Armsday: “This but it gives you world drops. That way you can target them. Funnelweb is one of the only extremely good void SMGs and last season was a great time to have one with good perks.”

Outside of Armsday, some other suggestions for content that should return to Destiny 2 included Strike-specific loot, Adventures, Glass needles, Tribute Hall, and sunset campaigns.