Destiny 2 players think fan-favorite character is back from the dead

Philip Trahan
destiny 2 asher mir header

Destiny 2 fans are fairly certain a fan-favorite character who’s been long dead has returned thanks to a questline in Lightfall.

Destiny 2 Lightfall is finally here and with it comes the Season of Defiance, which brings back some key characters and locations from the Destiny seasons of old.

One of the new questlines players can take part in through the Season of Defiance is the Bluejay quest, which tasks Guardians with going back to the Hall of Heroes and clearing the Partition: Hard Reset activity.

During this activity, some players have discovered a fairly remote Easter Egg that seemingly teases the return of a fan-favorite character that many believed was dead for good.

Destiny 2 players find Easter Egg of fan-favorite character

The character in question is Asher Mir, who was an Awoken Warlock and researcher in the Last City on Earth. In Destiny’s lore, Asher was slowly being consumed by the Vex virus and had set out to discover a cure before it ultimately consumed him.

Asher’s final appearance in Destiny left a lot of questions from the fanbase surrounding whether he was really dead or had survived following his disappearance just before the events of the Beyond Light expansion.

However, Destiny 2 fans are starting to think they’ve found Asher again as a small Easter Egg within the Partition: Hard Reset activity that unlocks after beating Lightfall’s campaign.

Without going into spoiler territory, Partition: Hard Reset brings players to an area closely tied to theVex and Cabal. It’s during this mission that players got a brief glimpse at Asher Mir following his mysterious disappearance.

Twitter users chadratticus and gzrazz showed off clear footage of where fans can discover the Easter Egg for themselves during Partition: Hard Reset. What’s more, some Destiny sleuths have uncovered a line of morse code when inspecting the Season Pass Sparrow, Inside Line.

The morse code translates to “STILL ALIVE. INSIDE NETWORK. IDIOT KIDS.” After players take on the Partition: Hard Reset activity for themselves, this morse code message should make even more sense.

It seems fairly clear that Bungie has more plans for Asher Mir, but isn’t quite ready to wrap up the mystery just yet. Hopefully in future content, fans can see what exactly this Warlock’s fate truly is.