Destiny 2 players slam “terrible” New Light that “ruins the experience” for veterans

Rishov Mukherjee
A screenshot of Destiny 2 from Steam

Destiny 2 has a free-to-play system in place for New Light players which is meant for those who have never played the game. However, players feel that this system is terrible and ruins the experience for both newcomers and veterans.

Destiny 2 being a massive game, it can be complicated for new players to grasp unless they get some guidance from veterans. Players feel that New Light’s current state is so poor that even veterans will have trouble explaining the ins and outs to newcomers.

Apart from that, they feel that the game does very little to explain the fundamentals of Destiny 2 including weapons, armor, and end game. Lastly, they also feel that the economy is sub-par as Glimmer cost to unlock a full sub-class is not possible for a New Light player to cover.

Destiny 2 players feel that the game is hard to recommend to friends

A user on Reddit brought up the topic of New Light’s state. He claimed it felt frustrating when he was helping his friend go through the New Light missions.

As such the player claimed that “The New Light Experience is not only terrible and not well thought out, it actively ruins the experience for Veteran players”.

To this, one player commented, “Still bothers me how out of place the current cosmodrome is” as they went on discussing the New Light experience. Another player chimed in, “This is why I can’t recommend Destiny to some of my friends” as they feel this game is not at all new player friendly.

Another also recalled the experience of Shroud as they claimed that “He could not use any of his subclasses properly cause the literal incompetency of Bungie with 25k glimmer” as they brought out the issue with unlocking sub-classes. Lastly, a player commented that “Doing new light is abysmally boring” as they recalled their New Light experience.

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