Destiny 2 players find “broken” Deep Engram farm that drops one every minute

Kurt Perry
kalli boss as seen in destiny 2 featured Last Wish raid.

The Destiny 2 community has discovered a Deep Engram farm that drops one per minute, greatly speeding up the process of obtaining seasonal drops and Raid uniques.

On May 23, Destiny 2’s new season was released with the Season of the Deep introducing various new content. From fishing to being able to create Red Border weapons, there’s plenty for players to do.

Also, Season 21 added a new seasonal drop in the form of Deep Engrams. Replacing Defiant Engrams, these can be used to roll for a variety of armor and craftable weapons added in the Season of the Deep.

With craftable weapons always in demand, it’s only natural that Destiny 2 players want to figure out how to farm Deep Engrams efficiently.

Broken Destiny 2 Deep Engram farm drops one per minute

Destiny 2 players have been taking advantage of a newly discovered Deep Engram farm, with content creator Eternal bringing attention to it.

Eternal’s new YouTube video details the farm showing how to do it. The Destiny 2 expert describes the farm as “broken,” and being able to produce “one or two Engrams per run.”

Players interested in replicating the farm can do so by entering The Last Wish raid with a suitable fireteam. It’s the featured raid until May 30 so it can be farmed over and over. Once in the raid, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Get to the first boss, Kalli, the Corrupted.
  • All players but one should immediately head to the circle at the back right of the room.
  • The remaining player needs to trigger the encounter by running next to Kalli.
  • Once Kalli’s shield drops, the player that triggered the encounter hits the boss with two Anarchy shots.
  • After the Anarchy shots have landed run to the rest of the team and shoot an additional Anarchy shot near them on the floor.
  • If all goes to plan, Kalli will teleport to where the Anarchy shot lands and get stuck. From here unload as much damage as you can to kill the boss.
  • As soon as Kalli dies and you receive loot, reload the Last Wish raid through the map and repeat.

Each encounter will reward players with one item from Kalli’s loot pool and a high chance of receiving one or two Deep Engrams. With a full team of six, it’s possible to get between 30-60 Engrams an hour depending on how lucky you get.

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