Destiny 2 players debate worst Exotic weapon with one gun losing out

Kurt Perry
Silhouette of D.A.R.C.I Exotic sniper rifle with Destiny 2 logo in top left corner.

Destiny 2 players have been debating what the worst Exotic weapon is in the looter shooter with several guns getting nominated for the honor. It was a tight contest but one weapon was voted as the definitive loser.

Exotic weapons are an extremely important part of build crafting and Destiny’s general identity. The Exotic gun chosen plays a crucial role in how a build will play and what content it will excel in.

Unlike Legendary weapons, Exotics have unique characteristics, traits, and catalysts that help differentiate them. It’s these features that establish the likes of Witherhoard, Divinity, and Thunderlord as some of the best Exotic guns in Destiny 2.

But not all Exotics are blessed by Bungie and now the community is ready to decide which is the worst of all.

D.A.R.C.I voted the worst Exotic weapon in Destiny 2

In a debate on the Destiny subreddit players went back and forth deciding which is the worst exotic in Destiny 2.

The original post proposed Manticore, highlighting how its good stats weren’t supported by useful traits: “What is the worst exotic weapon in the game and why is it Manticore? Good stats, sh*t perks. Can something really be worse?”

However, the most popular answer was D.A.R.C.I with the most upvoted reply reading: “Manticore is at least still passable, thanks to the stats. Who the hell’s gonna be using DARCI for anything?”

Its unique ability is Personal Assistant which lets it view an enemy’s exact health and power level. It’s got some uses for scouting and collecting data but as an actual weapon, it is outgunned by just about everything else in the Heavy category.

The nominations for Destiny 2’s worst exotic didn’t stop there. Other popular answers included Queenbreaker, MIDA Multi-Tool, Borealis, Deterministic Chaos, Bastion, and Truth.

It is worth noting that while these weapons don’t tend to perform well in PvE, some of them are excellent in PvP. For example, the MIDA Multi-Tool is a 210 RPM Scout Rifle that has high bullet magnetism and a unique trait that improves movement speed.

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