Destiny 2 players blame last-generation consoles for vaulted content

Destiny 2 Vaulted ContentUnsplash / Bungie

Destiny players have been upset that DLCs they previously bought are unplayable, placing the blame on Bungie’s catering to last-generation consoles.

Bungie released Destiny 2 in 2017 and has been continuing to add content to the game since then, introducing major DLCs like Forsaken, Beyond Light, and in 2023 Lightfall.

Players enjoyed Lightfall and the completely new subclass, Strand, that it introduced, but wished they still had access to the now-vaulted full Forsaken DLC, which was one of their favorite additions to Destiny 2.

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The community, upset at the absence of so much content in the game that they used to enjoy, placed the blame on last-generation consoles for all of the vaulted content.

Destiny 2 player places blame on PS4 and Xbox One for DCV

One Destiny 2 fan, in a post that gained traction in the community, was upset with Bungie’s decision to place content in the Destiny Content Vault (DCV): “We are almost exactly 10 years from the launch of the PS4 and Xbox One. It’s time to leave them behind.

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The player expressed their wish that Bungie would leave behind the last-generation consoles after the next DLC, The Final Shape, hoping it will improve the game:

“I REALLY hope the next expansion is the last for that generation. Earlier this week, Gladd said Bungie introduced the DCV primarily because of these last-gen consoles.”

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The person referenced a podcast, with popular community creators like Gladd and ManoDestra, where they talked about in their opinion what might have caused the Destiny Content Vault.

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Whilst players on newer generation consoles or PCs agreed that it would be nice to have Bungie leave behind the older consoles, they reminded the community that it likely wasn’t a viable option:

“On one hand I agree it’s been plenty of time & games as a whole should move on to not being held down by 10-year-old consoles, but realistically with Bungie’s current situation it wouldn’t make sense for them financially to cut out that portion of the playerbase, ” one fan said. “How to kill the game’s population in one quick move!” Another fan agreed.

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Some fans also questioned the legitimacy of placing the blame for the DCV on last-gen consoles, placing their faith in the Bungie developers despite the content creator’s statements: “These posts are the worst. Developers are more than capable of deciding when it is time to leave behind last gen. If they haven’t done it yet it’s likely for good reason.”

Players also worried that The Final Shape expansion might be delayed due to layoffs at Bungie, however, in a recent press release there was no mention of a delay to the DLC release.

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