Destiny 2: The Final Shape may not be delayed after Bungie press release

A Guardian wields a glaive weaponBungie

A press release issued by Bungie has listed the original release date of February 27 for Destiny 2: The Final Shape, despite reports that the expansion would be delayed in the wake of mass layoffs at the developer.

The Final Shape is set to mark the conclusion of the Light and Dark saga, a continuing story that began with the game’s original release in 2017. The current expansion saw the arrival of The Witness, the Darkness-wielding main antagonist, as it finally started its attack on the Traveler and the Light itself.

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After the Witness was able to slice a triangular portal into its surface, it moved inside the Traveler with its fleet. The Final Shape will pick up this story and finally allow the Guardians to confront the greatest threat to their survival.

Fans were hugely disappointed at the rumors of potential delays after tremendous turmoil internally at Bungie, but a new press release suggests that the expansion could be arriving on schedule after all.

Bungie press release contains an unchanged release date for The Final Shape

Significant community site Destiny Tracker shared a screenshot of a press release they had received featuring the original release date for The Final Shape.

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It’s important to note here that while there is no official word of a delay, this latest press release could be a holding tactic from the developer. Reporter Jason Schreier recently claimed sources close to the game’s development expect a June 2024 release rather than the currently slated February.

After Destiny Tracker published the tweet, many were quick to put forward their theories, with one saying: “I’m gonna guess that they’re still internally speaking on how long they’re gonna delay final shape still, cause the only way final shape has a chance of being better than forsaken is it being delayed or a massive amount of crunch on an already demotivated team.”

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Others quickly pointed out how the lack of a delay could cause a worrying drop in quality, following a similar state of affairs with Lightfall.

One said: “It’ll honestly be more disappointing to me if it isn’t delayed. It’s closing out the last decade of story, it ought to be the greatest expansion in Destiny history. But firing nearly 10 percent of the company and dumping the remaining work on existing staff, with a rapidly approaching deadline?”

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More details will inevitably emerge over the next few months, with concrete information on The Final Shape likely to surface also. With the expansion marking the culmination of the Destiny 2 experience, the pressure is on Bungie to ensure they deliver.

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