Destiny 2: Lightfall’s Strand Grapple is already being used in wild ways

destiny lightfall strand grappleBungie

Destiny 2: Lightfall launched just a couple of days ago, but players have already discovered inventive uses for the Strand Grapple.

The seventh of Destiny 2’s major DLC expansions, Lightfall launched on February 28 and brought with it a world of fresh content for players to explore.

Lightfall introduces a cyberpunk city on Neptune, numerous quality-of-life changes, and an all-new subclass. The subclass, known as Strand, unlocks an elemental power that fundamentally enhances navigation and combat mechanics.

Thus far, Destiny 2 faithful have especially taken to the grapple function, which allows players to select the grenade button, then launch themselves into the air via anchor points. The grapple has proven itself even more useful in some respects, though.

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Fans find interesting uses for Strand Grapple Destiny 2: Lightfall

Grappling to anchor points is fun enough, yet some users have found latching onto their friends far more productive. Content creator Sweatcicle demonstrated as much during a stream, in which they grappled a fellow player who then pulled them across the map midair.

Twitter user Senseileon performed a similar move that helped get them from Point A to Point B in record time.

Meanwhile, Otanuman watched a couple of their buddies grapple onto a giant machine and spin around in circles. Clearly, Lightfall players are having a lot of fun with the new Strand Grapple function.

“Literally carrying the whole team through a raid,” one person joked under the Sweatcicle post. Others were quick to express their hopes that developers at Bungie won’t find a way to nerf the feature.

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For now, Destiny 2: Lightfall players would do well to take advantage of this inventive Strand Grapple function while they still can.