How to get Strand Meditations in Destiny 2: Lightfall

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Destiny 2’s Lightfall has released the newest subclass of Strand, with new fragments and aspects to be unlocked. Here’s how to grab and farm Strand Meditations, which are the currency required to do so.

Light has fallen on Destiny 2, with a new campaign, new location, and characters for players to interact with. Alongside this, Strand, the newest darkness subclass, has become available. Strand allows Guardians to manipulate the strings of the universe, creating deadly weapons out of the threads.

Guardians will slowly discover and learn more about their Strand abilities, with the Guardians able to fully wield their own Strand individually as the Lightfall campaign ends. However, certain aspects and fragments of the subclass are locked and require further progression into the post-campaign missions and story. The aspects and fragments available to us can be unlocked via Strand Meditations, a currency that becomes available after finishing the campaign.

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What are Strand Meditations in Lightfall?

Strand Meditations is a currency that’s used at the Pouka Pond which unlocks other fragments and abilities for Strand. These include the two other grenades, the Shackle and Threadling grenades. Unlocking a grenade costs 50 Strand Meditation each.

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Guardians are capable of wielding the Darkness known as Strand.

Fragments are also available from the Pouka Pond, at the cost of 200 Strand Meditation per fragment. Some of these fragments are currently locked behind time or the completion of the raid “Root of Nightmares”.

There are currently 5 fragments available, with the next 4 being unlocked after March 7, 2023. Finally, the last 4 will become available to all players once a team is able to complete the raid, which goes live on March 10, 2023.

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How to obtain Strand Meditations in Destiny 2?

Strand Meditations can be quite the nuisance to gather, as it requires using Strand abilities to land final blows on enemies. Strand abilities can be rather tough to gain a bunch of final blows with, so farming these can take some time.

However, players can also obtain Strand Meditations by completing events on Neomuna, making the process that much faster. Patrols are a good way of going about this, as you can generally complete a Patrol alongside other activities.

It’s worth noting that the current Vex Incursion Zone grants more Strand Meditations. So completing activities there and landing Strand ability final blows will grant you the most amount of Strand Meditations.

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Alternatively, Strand ability final blows can be farmed anywhere in the universe, making certain farms like Blind Well, Shuro Chi and Shattered Throne Thrall Hallway can be good ways of farming this as well. These enemies will be significantly weaker than the enemies on Neomuna, allowing for an easier farming experience.