Destiny 2: Lightfall’s missing Strand aspects to arrive in Season of the Deep

destiny 2 lightfall strand hunterBungie

Destiny 2’s third Strand aspects have been missing since the release of Lightfall, however, Bungie has revealed that they’ll be coming in Season of the Deep.

Destiny 2’s Lightfall was released with a bunch of content for all Guardians to partake in. From a new campaign, location, and subclass, Bungie has given Destiny 2 players plenty to get through. Alongside this, players are currently awaiting the raid race for The Root Of Nightmares, which is coming on Friday, March 10, 2023.

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Destiny 2 has had several revamps of systems throughout its time as a game, one change was to subclasses in particular, allowing players further customization to their builds. Subclasses were split into supers, abilities, aspects, and fragments.

Supers are the massive abilities that Guardians are able to throw out, and are often the most flashy part of a build. Abilities are secondary to supers, with each class having a grenade, melee, and specific class ability. Aspects are major perks that players can equip themselves with, these aspects can have massive effects and can alter how a subclass plays. Finally, fragments are minor buffs that grant smaller perks to a full build.

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Every subclass in the game has 3 aspects in total. Being able to equip 2 means players can mix and match what aspects they’d like equipped to best suit their playstyle. When the newest Strand subclass was released with Lightfall, it only came with two aspects, however, that’s looking to change in the near future.

destiny 2 strand hunter and titanBungie
The Strand subclass will be receiving its third aspect in Season of the Deep.

Bungie has announced in a recent TWAB that all Strand subclasses will be receiving its third aspect during Season of the Deep. The aspects have had their names revealed, however, no information about what they do has been released yet.

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Bungie announces new Strand aspects in Season of the Deep

The new Strand aspects coming to Destiny 2 in Season of the Deep are:

  • Titan: Flechette Storm
  • Hunter: Threaded Specter
  • Warlock: The Wanderer

Whilst we don’t know much about the Strand aspects coming in Season of the Deep, it is fantastic news to hear, as it’ll allow for even more build customization with the newly released Strand subclass.

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