Destiny 2 players are getting their supers blocked by grapple in PvP


Destiny 2 players are creating chaos in PvP thanks to a bug surrounding the Hunter’s Threadrunner subclass and the Strand Grapple ability.

Destiny 2’s Lightfall expansion brought with it the new Strand subclass, which many fans immediately fell in love with thanks to the insane feats it could pull off.

Unfortunately, the class has not been without its share of problems, with bugs surrounding certain abilities like the Super Silkstrike melting bosses HP and the Strand grapple.

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Now, players have discovered another bug surrounding the Strand Grapple ability and some are using it to completely block other’s Supers during PvP matches.

Destiny 2 PvP players take advantage of Strand Grapple bug

A video by Destiny content creator Cheese Forever gained traction among the community after they demonstrated that the Strand Grapple’s points can actually completely block three different Supers.

According to Cheese, “The grapple and slightly above it has some collision that will block Supers, similar to what Telesto used to do.” The three Supers that get completely blocked by the Strand Grapple points are the Titan’s Hammer of Sol and Warlock’s Chaos Reach and Nova Bomb.

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Thankfully, the Nova Bomb isn’t completely negated by the Grapple point, as it still explodes and sends its seeking fragments out at enemy players.

Additionally, some fans in the video’s comments section have claimed that grenades are also blocked by these Grapple points, making the glitch even more intrusive.

While the Grapple point only blocks a handful of Supers, it seems clear that this isn’t somethings that’s intended to happen and is likely just a glitch.

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Considering many players already think Strand is a fairly strong subclass, the fact that Grapple points aren’t working as intended could be a big problem in PvP. Hopefully, Bungie takes notice of this bug and phases it out in a future update.

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